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    If you want to give it a go in translation yourself or if you quickly need to find a translation of a word or a term, one of the free on-line dictionaries might be helpful.*

    EuDict: www.eudict.com/ (Croatian Û English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Slovenian, Dutch, Latin) 
    E-rječnik: www.e-rjecnik.net/ (Croatian Û English, German, Italian, French, Spanish)
    EH.Web: www.taktikanova.hr/EH/ (Croatian Û English)
    Erječnik: www.erjecnik.com (Croatian Û English)

    However, we advise you to seek assistance from professional translators. Please
    contact us with confidence!

    Radogost Translators do not guarantee the accuracy of the listed dictionaries nor it is responsible for the contents of the listed web pages.